Your Camera is Good Enough

Stop Obsessing Over Gear, Go Create Photos

Canon XTI + Kit Lens. 1/40 sec, f/4, ISO 800

What Makes a Good Photo?

The recipe for a great photograph is simple; good light + good composition + good moment = great photograph. Nowhere in that equation is your camera, lens, or other equipment considered. Every camera manufactured in the past decade is more than capable enough of capturing amazing photos. The photos on this page were all taken with entry level Nikon and Canon DSLRS with kit lenses or 50mm 1.8s. You can buy these entire setups for $200-300 total, a fraction of the cost of most pro lenses or even some flash units.

Canon XTI + 50mm 1.8. 1/200, f/2, ISO 800

Using Old Gear is Fun

I still have and regularly use my old Canon xTi, which was released in 2006. I love this little camera, it's small, light, and perfectly suitable for a camera I can throw in my bag and not worry about getting damaged. I never feel like I have to be careful with the camera, so I can focus on getting the shots and putting myself in scenarios I might not want to risk my "pro" camera in (rain, hiking, biking, etc).  I created some of my favorite photographs with this simple camera and kit lens over the years.

Nikon D3200 + Kit Lens. 30 sec, f/3.5, ISO 1600

Being Limited Opens Up Your Creativity

If you have limited gear, you are forced to be more creative and approach your shooting in different ways. You might not have a telephoto lens, but you can get closer or change your perspective to capture the shot and create something you otherwise wouldn't have seen. Try shooting an entire session on just one lens and you'll see what I mean. It will surprise you how you start thinking about your shots when you can't just zoom in or change lenses. 

Nikon D3200 + kit lens. 1/200 f/4.0 ISO 200

Experiences Are a Better Investment

All the gear in the world won't take interesting photos if you don't get out and use it. Instead of spending money on the newest camera body or another lens, spend that money on a trip somewhere special and photograph that, or hire a great model to do a creative shoot you've always wanted to shoot. A trip to an amazing location will not only provide you with interesting shooting opportunities, it will give you great life experiences to remember, and that will always bring more joy than anything materialistic. With online services like Kayak, Uber, and Airbnb, you can plan a memorable trip for a fraction of the cost of a new piece of gear.

Canon XTI + 50mm 1.8. 1/200 f/1.8 ISO 400

Light and Location 

If you know how to read a scene and plan a shot, any modern camera can capture a great photo. Sure, pro bodies and fast lenses are going to absolutely perform better in less than ideal light, but in good lighting the differences in cameras and lenses is minimized down to near zero. Stop paying attention to sharpness grids and optics measurements and start paying attention to light.

Canon XTI + 50mm 1.8. 1/120 f/1.8 ISO 800

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