Get Daily Inspiration from these 10 Modern Photographers

If you're like me, you probably check Instagram more than any other social network throughout your day. For the longest time, I used it the same as other social networks, only added close friends and family members, but then I realized how engaging and great the platform can be for visual artists of any type to both share and see great photos. I started finding great photographers and artists from all over the world thanks to the platform, and I began the process of building my own inspirational family tree within the app. Now, I am constantly seeing my own curated gallery of daily inspiration from artists that encourage me to push my own creativity and do more. Here are some of my favorite photographers on Instagram today:

1 Tyler Cooper - @whereistyco - Travel

Tyler left a lucrative career in sales at 21 to pursue things he truly wanted to build his life around; writing and photography. He constantly finds the most awe-inspiring scenes and his photos do them complete justice.  

2 Ben Kruse - @_benkruse - Portraiture & Wedding

Ben is a German wedding photographer that has an incredible eye for color and uses that to great effect in his portraits. He always brings something fresh to the wedding scene with his unique style. 

3 Kaylee Greer - @dogbreathphotography - Pet Portraiture

Kaylee has created an amazing business in the niche of dog portraits. Her portraits capture dog's personalities and goofiness in the best way, often in incredible scenes like this.

4 Gabor Lenart - @sztyui - Fashion & Lifestyle

Gabor is a hungarian portrait photographer that creates incredibly engaging portraits. Whether he's shooting a fashion campaign or weddings, his portraits have a real candid style that draws you in. 

5 Wayne Pinkston - @wayne_pinkston - Astrophotography and Nightscapes

Wayne Pinkston is an astrophotography genius capturing scenes like this all over the western US. He shares plenty of night photography tips and the locations of his photos daily.  

6 Sean Carr - @seancarrphotography - Wedding & Portraiture

Sean Carr is a North Carolina based photographer that travels all over to create his intimate portraits. He always captures real emotion with his subjects, something I love in wedding and couples' photography. 

7 Kevin Shearer - - Landscape & Astrophotography

kevin shearer.png

Kevin Shearer is a chiropractor by day and an incredible landscape and night photographer by night. Of all of the great photographers in the Pacific Northwest, Kevin is my favorite in the way he captures the region.

8 cass gilbert - @whileoutriding - Adventure & Travel

Cass is an adventure photographer and writer. His photos document his epic journeys by bike, often times with his wife and their young son. 

9 amy faith - @amyfaithphoto - Wedding

Amy Faith is a U.K. based wedding photographer with a great eye for light and emotion. She has a unique editorial style that creates a great focus on her client's and their personal style.

10 stephen sutter - @stephen_sutter - Travel

Stephen is a travelling photographer that focuses on analog cameras and film to document his adventures. He shares the cameras and films used for each photo, and encourages me to shoot more film every time.

Who are your favorites?

I'm always looking for more inspiration to add to my feed, as it certainly beats reading depressing news or seeing what people are having for lunch every day. Feel free to drop your personal Instagram or some of your favorite artists' profiles below and I'll check them out!

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