3 Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits That Emulate Film


If you're new to photography or Lightroom, you'll quickly learn that film emulation presets are wildly popular. Similar to HDR a decade ago, it seems everyone is eager to recreate classic film styles. From the deep colors to the classic grain, film presets offer a great way to improve your portraits and create a timeless photograph.  Luckily, Lightroom has gotten better and better at giving us editing tools that can accurately reproduce classic films from Fuji, Kodak, and more. I created three new free presets to help you with your Lightroom photo editing.

Film Emulation Preset 1

Preset 1 offers a natural high contrast style and faded highlights that is similar to pushed film stock. This preset should work well in most portrait editing with just an adjustment to exposure and white balance.

Film Emulation Preset 2

Preset 2 offers a great warm look with faded greens that will look great in backlit or wooded scene. 

Film Emulation Preset 3

This black and white preset has rich blacks and great contrast that works especially well in underexposed images for a nice moodiness. 

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