Lightroom Zen Film Emulation Presets Preview

"These film presets are insane"

I'm happy to announce the Lightroom Zen Film Presets, available now on a special pre-launch sale. I've been hard at work compiling my favorite film styles and building universal presets that can transform any raw or jpeg into an authentic film style image. 

The preset collection includes 13 color film emulations and 3 black and white film stocks. Also included are my fine tuning adjustments to dial in things like skin tones, grain, sharpening, and more. 

Before and After Samples

These samples are 1 click edits with each of the presets with exposure and white balance adjustments. Images 5 & 8 courtesy of the wonderful Jami Laree. Enjoy!

Film 1

Film 1 has warm, creamy skin tones and a nice bit of contrast. The preset works great on scenes with a a lot of neutral tones as it has a great haziness to browns, yellows, and golds.

Film 2

Film 2 is a much cooler toned preset, but still has warm skin tones and deep shadows for contrast. It's beautiful in overcast lighting or interior shots, especially with white balance a little warmer than what you shot at.

Film 3

Film 3 is all about vibrant colors and lots of dynamic range. It works great on landscape scenes and outdoors settings. It boosts shadows and lowers highlights to increase dynamic range while boosting vibrance to make the colors really pop out of the image.

Film 4

Film 4 is a designed specifically to enhance colors at golden hour with it's warm haze and fine tuned greens and yellows. It works fantastic in sunset shoots or other similar lighting conditions.

Film 5

Film 5 is full of bright airiness that give your images a lot of life and character. It works wonderfully for weddings or family portraits when you want a very light but beautiful look to your images.

Film 6

Film 6 is a darker style with low contrast and deep colors. It works great with sunsets or harsh lighting thanks to the deep blues and oranges, but keeps skin tones looking natural and soft.

Film 7

Film 7 features a low contrast but high color look. It works best in low contrast scenes where you want to emphasize colors similar to famous Fuji film stocks. 

Film 8

Film 8 is another beautiful soft and light preset that produces beautiful dreamy skin tones for brides, children, and other subjects where you want to have a delicate style. 

Film 9

Film 9 features similar colors to 8, but with much more clarity contrast, and detail. It works great in outdoors scenes like the above, where you have a lot of  detail and want to have a more dramatic style.

Film 10

Preset 10 features strong colors, deep contrast, and thick, rich grain. It pushes greens and wooded scenes especially well. 

Film 11

Film 11 is built around the heavy faded tones with warm skin tones and high dynamic range. It works great in high contrast scenes to even out the exposure.

Film 12

Film 12 is neutral toned, high contrast, and great for anyone wanting a clean style for their images. Colors are rich but faithful to their tones, and skin tones are creamy and natural.

Film 13

Film 13 is similar to film 8, but features even softer highlights and skin tones. Greens are rich and deep, but skin tones, oranges, and browns are soft and beautiful.

Film B&W 1

B&W 1 is a classic high contrast film stock. Blacks are deep and rich, highlights are soft and faded slightly, and the images have a slightly cool tone. Beautiful preset for portraits or low contrast scenes.

Film B&W 2

B&W 2 is a high contrast black and white film emulation. It emphasizes clarity in detailed areas and soft, moody light. It works great for weddings, dramatic portraits, and high contrast shots. 

Film B&W 3

B&W 3 is a low contrast film emulation that works great on indoor or low light shots. It has a vintage style thanks to the heavy grain and faded highlights.

...and more!

Also included are 15+ adjustments for fine tuning grain, skin tones, clarity, and more. This collection provides not only presets, but a powerful toolkit to make your own unique images. 

Like what you see?

Click the link below to buy the presets now at a special pre-launch discount price. Join the Lightroom Zen community and let's create something awesome. 

Lightroom Zen Film Presets
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Professional film emulation

100+ film inspired color and black and white presets, including fine tuning adjustment presets for sharpening, grain, and more

Authentic grain that enhances details and adds amazing texture

Timeless looks and styles based on some of the best film stocks

Simple one-click editing to create amazing photos

Universal presets work with all camera models, no need to rely on specific profiles or updates

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