The Best Lightroom Film Presets


The best Lightroom Film presets

Built using a decade of real world professional shoots to provide dramatic, classic, and timeless edits to your photos. From gorgeous weddings to epic landscape shots, these presets work their magic on any RAW or JPEG file. 

The style of film with the power of digital

The Lightroom Zen Film emulation presets combine the colors and tones of popular films with the powerful tools available in Lightroom to create something unique.

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  • Professional film emulation

  • 22 Color film presets 

  • 3 Black and white film presets

  • Fine tuning adjustment presets for sharpening, grain, and more

  • Authentic grain that enhances details and adds amazing texture

  • Timeless looks and styles based on some of the best film stocks

  • Simple one-click editing to create amazing photos

  • Universal presets work with all camera models, no need to rely on specific profiles or updates

Lightroom Zen Film Presets
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Compatible with with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC

Also compatible with Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw

Lightroom Zen Film Presets
35.00 75.00
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